Ain't No BnB

Photographic Posters, 2016


Property is for people, not for profit.


Our society has become so ingrained with the idea that property is purely something to be used for monetary gain; housing is an investment and property is a ladder which you can climb. This has led to the current state of housing crisis in our country where more and more people are living in garages, cars and on the street.

Exploring the conversation New Zealanders have around property and how this feeds into said housing crisis, I drew on ideas from the Dada art movement. Dadaists sought to deconstruct modern society and culture through their art, bringing light to the failure and hypocrisy of established values.

With specific focus on the Air BnB advertising campaign at the time, which highlighted how prevalent these ideas have become (these ideas of property being for profit), I wanted to bring light to the questionable political assumptions behind commercial culture.

This work was installed publicly around Auckland because it would be most effective when out on the street where communities are engaged and living; the housing crisis is an issue that affects our communities and requires a community response to create change.