Sound Sculpture, 2016


Seagulls guide me as I make my way towards Henderson Transfer Station. They caw to mark my arrival and the dump trucks rumble in steady rhythm. I wander through fields of old bicycles and over hills of discarded golf clubs. There are new discoveries around every corner.

The recycle shop on site offers a warm welcome to weary travellers. I am offered a seat and a cuppa as I sit and listen to stories of how the MPHS Community Trust is using this store full of repurposed waste to fund programmes in their beloved community. I’m invited in to partake in their mission of connection and creation, and now I invite others to the table too.

I invite others to satisfy their appetite to make. As they gather around the table, masks are dropped as instruments are picked up. They connect their hands, eyes, ears, and each other. Testing the water, finding their feet, and then falling into time. Both participants and viewers are empowered as they feed on their stories and drink in the rhythm.